Registration procedure for the EUROCUP team event in Benidorm in 2022-English

Key dates:

Online registration opens on May 1, 2022
Bonus of 10€ per team for prompt online registration applies until May 29, 2022
Registration closes 17:30 on June 11, 2022

Preferably registration should be carried out online during the four weeks between May 1, and May 29.

Pre-registration allows time to check that the category of the best player in the team does not conflict with the category chosen to register the team. This check will be made by reviewing the results in the database of the EDU corresponding to previous European Championships and Rankings. For more information about categories please follow this link HERE.

To encourage prompt online registration, a bonus of 10€ per team will be given to all teams which complete their registration online before midnight of May 29. The bonus will consist of the plastic coins which can be used to purchase drinks at the bar.

Registration can be carried out at the tournament hall in Benidorm until 17:30 on June 11, 2022.

The online registration form only allows for one team at a time: if a country representative wishes to register several teams, he can send the details by Email to 

Registration procedure

Registration should be carried out online by completing the registration form that you can find here.

Data to be input in the registration form

Contact details of the team representative. This person will be the contact between the team and the organization during the registration process. The confirmation of the registration will be confirmed by an Email sent to the Email address submitted in the form.

Team name. The name should sound unique to be able to clearly distinguish it from other team names. Consequently, team names such as Austria 1, Austria 2, etc. should be avoided

Nation. This should be selected from the drop-down list

Players. The data for each player comprises:
• Player name
• Licence Nº
• Category (to be selected from the drop-down list)

The player name should be detailed enough to be able to match the player to his or her identity documents, ID card or passport, if necessary.

A team can have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 players.

Category. The category of the team should be chosen and the entry fee for the team will be indicated in the box marked “Entry fee”. More information about categories can be found here

Submit and pay. Once the registration form is complete the “Submit and pay” button should be clicked. This will link to the bank’s payment carrousel where credit or debit card details must be entered, in a similar manner to any other online payment system. The amount to be paid will be the amount of the entry fee indicated previously.

Confirmation. An Email will be sent automatically to the Email address entered at the top of the registration form.

Complete the registration form here.

Partial registration

If the final composition of the team is not known at the time of registration, a partial registration can be submitted, with at least two players. The additional players can be aggregated to the team by sending an Email to If the additional players are added to the team after May 29 the bonus of 10€ per team will not be applied.

Correction of errors and modifications after submission.

If an error is detected after the team has been registered, or if a player must be substituted for another, an Email should be sent to indicating the name of the team and the item to be modified.

Categories B and C.

Categories B and C are reserved for players who have finished an official EDU tournament in the middle or bottom third of the classification, respectively. For instance, in 2019 in Caorle, the European Championship Doubles Men included 193 teams. Consequently, all the players who were classified between 66 and 129 are eligible to be in category B and only the players who were classified after 129 are eligible to be in category C. The tournament committee might perform some checks to confirm the category of the players in categories B and C by consulting the classifications which are available from previous EDU rankings and the prior European championships. These checks can only be carried out for players who are in the EDU’s database of classifications, so if there is no record of previous performance, the classification will be assumed to be correct.

Categories and players of the National Team.

Any team that includes a player who also forms part of the national team of their country will be classified in category A or F. No EUROCUP team can have more than two players from the national team.